Home Decor and that perfect piece you need in your home

I am always looking for that perfect piece of home Decor whether it's a plant, picture, or maybe even a specially designed piece. There are so many options out there to choose from even such things as the Plaza Astoria there are so many different home Decor items and this mirror/jewelry armoire is never the less amazing imagine being able to look in a mirror and seeing yourself and know that your whole collection of jewelry is inside that mirror how awesome is that??

Wouldn't it be great to have all your jewelry in one spot I know for me I have them spread out everywhere and it looks so chic and unique having it all stored away behind this mirror where no one can see or tell what it is. This is also great if you were away on a trip or out of town to see family if you had someone break into your house they would not know that this was a secret area where you can keep jewelry or many other items.

They also come in many different colors such as Black, cherry wood, oak, and white. This mirror is so nice and that hangs over your door and it holds up to 36 necklaces, 48 earrings, and 96 rings. This mirror can be very farmhouse looking and as an excellent touch to your decor. Whether you will have it out for guests and a guest room when they come over or have it in your room whatever the case may be it's going to look amazing.

These mirrors are also great for gifts they are made of glass and perfect for all women out there. When you open the store you will see on the mirror side there are hooks to hang necklaces. The width is 10 inches and the height is 12 inches. This mirror is easy to hang over the door with over the door hooks. You can also mount this to any wall all you do is put screws through the back of the cabinet and the holes are already there.

I personally love white and would love to add it to my home decor it would look pretty amazing. You can also get this assembled for a little extra if you would like. Christmas is also coming up so this would be a perfect gift for the one you love especially the women out there what woman wouldn't love getting this as a gift from their husband or boyfriend? This also has a magnetic closure that keeps the door closed.

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