Emzo’s Kawaii Squeezies Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Can't wait to tell you about the Kawaii Squeezies we received Series four my son and daughter absolutely loves the squishy is mainly for my daughter because they were too girly for my son. However, my son did sit down and play with them with my daughter. They absolutely love the squeezies they received Harriet frizz, Pearla pout, mia meme, pinky polish, sandy bell, penny riches, Tiana tangles, Rosie cheeks, iris and Raya heart, Ella essence. They have so many different styles such as food, animals, and accessories and the ones we received are the accessories. 

All the squeezies are very soft and squishy and the kids absolutely love these and would love to collect every series squishy's right now and squeezy's are a thing nowadays. And a very popular with the young kids. These squeezies are licensed by JoJo Siwa, "She makes her own line" Nickelodeon, Claire's. And JoJo Siwa actually has her own line of squeezies as well. They are very colorful and soft and great to squeeze when you're feeling a little stressed or just for the little ones to play with.

Their kids pull these out all the time and play with them and squeeze them and just absolutely love them and now that it's summer and this is the perfect thing for your kids as well. Make sure to check Kawaii Squeezies out your kids will love them.

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