Ducktales Destination Adventure Review

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Like the old classic DuckTales I remember this way back in my childhood growing up Huey, Duey, and Louie. and now they're back. Out on DVD now enjoy the stories from Dukburg with the DuckTales destination adventure. First show the beagle birthday massacre where Webby is on a new adventure with his new friend Lena. Where they sneak into a beagle birthday party and the absent all the bagels by destroying their birthday cake.

Next, up The living mummies, Toth-Rah scrooge leads the launch pad and the kids through a treacherous tomb where they separated and uncover a secret prophecy. And now, of course, The impossible summit of Mount Neverest find the ducks on winter break. Scrooge is determined to be the first duck to step foot on the top of the mountain but they weren't prepared for the mountains that have the dark secret.

Huey, Duey, and Louie come close to finding some information about their mother. They also discovered that Donald is friends with Storkules and that Scrooge has a long-standing feud with Zeus.

I am really loving this DVD for six episodes from the very first season and it also has two classic episode on the DVD as well. This DVD brought back a ton of memories on my childhood and I was really anxious and glad to have my kids experience this DVD as well. Now they know who Huey, Duey, and Louie are. This is a great DVD for children of all ages even adult children. I would highly recommend this movie with all these different episodes.

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