48 Pack Water Color Flower Thank You Cards Review

I am loving these beautiful watercolor thank you cards. The flowers on these cards are really colorful and beautiful they come in a pack of 48 and also come with envelopes. These cards come in four different designs one is a black card with white writing, another one has a white background with black writing hearts and flowers. One of my favorite designs is the white card with the black writing and it has different colorful flowers throughout the card.

The next one has a white card that says thank you and black with pink brown and like a mustard yellow leaf and pink flowers. And last but not least one of my favorite that look really fall looking and have beautiful fall colors. These colors are perfect for the Spring time and the quality of these cards are great too they are made from heavy card stock.

These cards are great to keep on hand for any occasion you never know when you will need to hand out a thank you card. If you are a person who likes to give thank you card I really suggest stocking up on these you have a card for everyone different designs and unique touches add something special to these cards

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