New Holiday/Christmas Songs for the Biggest Strawberry Shortcake Fans

So excited to tell you about this Strawberry Shortcake Holiday Songs that is sure to bring a lot of joy into your home. Especially if you're a strawberry shortcake fan like me you're sure to love this.  

Our favorite part of the holiday season is seeing the delight that the kids take in it. Whenever shopping and gift-wrapping and parking and crowds threaten to get us down, all we have to do is look at our kids’ excited faces and everything is worth it!

And that’s exactly what this new collection of Strawberry Shortcake holiday songs does—it lifts the spirits and puts the childlike fun into this time of year. “Strawberry Shortcake—Berry Merry Christmas” is a collection of holiday songs old and new, with that unique Strawberry flavor, of course.

Play it while drinking hot chocolate, decorating the tree, hosting sleepovers, or playing board games in the living room. You can sample the songs and purchase the music on iTunes, at this link:

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