Amazon Original Kids Special, Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure Premier December 2nd

I am so excited to tell you about this special Amazon Original Kids Special Lost in Oz this is to cute it's a back when Dorothy is 12 years old and discovers her Mother's magical journal from oz hidden beneath the floorboards in their home. The book starts a tornado and rips the house from the ground and takes Dorothy and Toto to Oz.

I thought this was a really cute special on the Amazon Original the kid's really enjoyed it. My daughter was and still is a huge wizard of oz fan and to this day still loves it. And my son loved it too. 

I like how in order for Dorothy to get back home from oz she has to find all the magic elements in oz. But in oz they are facing a crisis they run into friends that will help them. Lost in oz is a aminated adventure comedy. That your little one is sure to love.


  1. What a cute movie! I'm even gonna wanna watch this with my kids!

  2. This looks cute! I love the Wizard of Oz. Thanks for sharing! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Merry Christmas!