Get Ready Monster Jam 2016 Tampa Florida Giveaway+ 4 Tickets+ 4 Pit Passes

We have Dennis Anderson this year (Jan. 14 show only) driving Grave Digger, and his son Ryan Anderson driving Son-uva Digger in our show. Two generations of Monster Jam drivers competing to be the Tampa champion.

This is Monster Jam’s 25th anniversary year.
This is Grave Digger’s 35th year (series wasn’t Monster Jam when he started).
Madusa will not be in our show, so please DO NOT use her name or photos of her truck.

Monster Jam competitors are trained at Monster Jam University to master the skills of driving Monster Jam trucks.
Only those Monster Jam athletes highly proficient in scaling their extraordinary driving skills will push the limits and optimize all types of racing and obstacle courses here in 2017 in Tampa.
Approximately 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that sit atop 66-inch-tall tires and weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, Monster Jam trucks generate 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.
Monster Jam trucks can fly up to125 to 130 feet (a distance greater than 14 cars side by side) and up to 35 feet in the air.
The Party in the Pits on is 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., and it’s where fans can get up close and personal to the Monster Jam trucks and drivers. Tickets are $10 in addition to show tickets. They’re on sale now, and will be free at participating Southern Ford Dealers’ locations beginning January 1.


  1. I have never been to Monster Jam

  2. We have never attended! My little guy would love this!! Paige Fitterer

  3. We have never attended! My son would love this!!

  4. I've enjoyed my time checking out your blog! Thank you for the giveaway offers and reviews!

  5. Ive never been before. Ive always wanted to though

  6. This would be for both my fiancé and myself. I think we would have fun going together

  7. yes. 2011. It was a great time!

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