Holiday Gift Guide Bellabeat Review

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I am so excited to tell you about this Bellabeat fitness tracker I am always looking for something to track my fitness and stay on top of that. I am not the most healthy person but having a tracker keeps me in line and now that the new year is coming up I want to start eating better and taking care of myself. And this is not just a tracker for fitness it also tracks your sleeping patterns which is really nice because I am unaware if I sleep really well or if I get woken up at night.
This tracker tells it all. All you have to do is download the app and sync it to your phone. Double tap on the leaf to sync it the right way. You can clip it on your shirt, or wear it as a bracelet, or wear it as a necklace. I could choose to wear as a bracelet and it seemed to work really well. It's not too bulky and doesn't get in the way.
When I first got it I wore it all day. Then into the night I noticed the first time I slept pretty good with no activity I slept really well. But the following night I had some times where I woke up and was pretty restless. I will have screenshots below of both nights to show you what I am talking about. I think this is pretty nights because I had no idea that I had restless sleep until I saw this on my phone. If you think that you sleep well during the night give this a try you never know I didn't think I had restless sleep but obviously I do.

Make the new year a new start for you start monitoring your fitness and sleeping patterns. Be a better you feel better about yourself. It only starts with you. You make the decision to have a healthier lifestyle.

Question of the day what do you want to change in the new year to be a better you?

What motivates you to stay in shape and maintain that healthy lifestyle?

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