Zip it bedding Review

When I first heard about Zip Bedding I though how cleaver this is a wonderful idea a sleeping bag type idea but for  your bed. Being a mother of two and starting to teach my little girl how to make her bed this is something that has come in handy for helping her learn. And not to mention she thinks they are pretty cool looking to she loves the pinks and purples and the feel of the sheets.

Zip bedding began with Jennifer MacDonald, a mom and executive in the advertising industry, had a Aha!! moment at home. One day she watched her young son's simply zipping up their sleeping bags, after a sleepover, and "Voila" the once messy room was clean! She realized immediately that a zipped up bedding unit- as simple as a sleeping bag, yet designed to fit a mattress and look like normal bedding- would revolutionize the bedding industry. Jennifer teamed up with her sister Hayley Carr, a seasoned entrepreneur, and the two developed the product.

Together Jennifer and Hayley are launching a zip bedding revolution. 
Zip bedding is based in Pasadena , California.

In this video you will see how zip bedding really works.

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  1. The prints are ugly. Could you please make more patterns or some plain simple shabby chic styles? Just a simple plain classic pale pink or blue will be more appealing because none of these designs match my kids bedroom décor!! Shame because I LOVE the concept and would buy 6 for all of my kids were it not for the boring designs! Sorry:(

  2. Agreed. The patterns are pretty poor. Simple pink would be great!

  3. I agree, the prints are ugly. I would definitely buy this but need to get more styles and gear for ages up to 12, these are for 3-5 year old patterns