Ducky Meter Review

   The Ducky Meter
To Hot

 This product is perfect for our family I have a son that is 5 months old and this comes in handy. We do have the original duck that is made by munchkins and it is ok but it is hard

to tell weather the water is actually really hot. With the Ducky Meter you don't have to worry about that. This ducky meter retails for $18.45 and you can buy this on Amazon .  The ducky meter is a thermometer for you baby that also doubles as a bath toy. It activates as soon as you place it in water. It calculates the bath water every second and also has 3 different colors for your convince Red means Hot, Green Means its perfect, and Blue means cold. The duck meter is safe and fun for in and out of the bath. It takes 3 triple A batteries which come with this product. This product is great I use it for all bath times I feel safe using this over the munchkin one because I know exactly what temp it will be and my son loves it he's at the teething stage right now she he loves chewing on it. 
Just Perfect

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.
To Cold

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