Unique Funeral Wishes to Include in Your Will


Planning the end of life can be a sensitive topic, yet it is important to make sure that your wishes are respected and carried out. Surprisingly, adding special touches to funeral arrangements in your will may provide comfort, closure and even laughter to those left behind. Below are a few quirky but thoughtful wishes you should include when creating your will.

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Playlist with a Twist

Music can express words and emotions more effectively than speech alone, so when planning your farewell party, why not curate a playlist that not only represents your taste but also pulls out a few chuckles? Imagine listening to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World," followed by Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust," for an unforgettable farewell party experience. A well-thought-out musical arrangement can add layers to the overall ambiance, making your farewell party truly unforgettable.

Personalized Mementos

Why shouldn't parting gifts be part of the celebration? Include instructions in your will to distribute personalized mementos as part of this act of love to attendees at your celebration. From personalized bracelets or keepsakes that reflect your hobbies or interests to miniature photo albums filled with fond memories, this gesture gives your loved ones tangible reminders of all the good times spent together.

Dress Code with a Difference

Funerals tend to be solemn affairs with guests clad in black attire. Why not lighten the atmosphere by encouraging individuality and color? Ask guests to wear outfits inspired by your favorite hue or theme, like Hollywood Glamour or Tropical Paradise for example. Such requests not only honor your personal style but also add an air of celebration and joy into proceedings.

Funeral Flags 

Funeral flags can add an emotional and thoughtful touch to a final farewell ceremony. Consider including custom flags that symbolize key aspects of your life into the funeral service program. Banners featuring your favorite colors, flags featuring meaningful symbols or pennants representing organizations or communities you care about could all serve to build unity in public spaces. Positioned throughout your venue, these flags can serve as beautiful yet poignant reminders of your life journey, accomplishments, and causes that were important to you. Funeral flags will help provide your guests with visual and thematic cohesion at your farewell, unifying the different components in a meaningful way. With numerous colors, prints and sizes to suit your preferences and budget.

Alternative Coffin Choices

Traditional coffins can be expensive and uninspiring. Consider opting for something different: biodegradable tree pods to protect the environment or custom-painted caskets to showcase your passions are among several options you could explore. There may even be enclosures designed to resemble bookshelves or treasure chests to continue your legacy of creativity and uniqueness in death.

Themed Funerals

For those renowned for their interest in books, movies or historical periods who wish to celebrate in a unique manner at their funeral service, themed funerals could provide an unforgettable experience for loved ones who remember you fondly. Having an event inspired by "Harry Potter,"  complete with decor reminiscent of Hogwarts and invitations saying, "Awaiting Your Owl!" Or how about hosting an extravagant 1920s Gatsby Gala honoring all you brought into their lives during your lifetime? These funerals go beyond tradition and create experiences your guests won't soon forget. 

Integrate Technology

Don't settle for traditional methods alone, embrace modernity by live-streaming your service for those unable to attend in person and pre-recording a message for playback during your service, providing comforting words, or offering some laughable anecdotes as comfort to mourning loved ones. This may bring comfort as well as tearful laughter for all concerned.

Customized Eulogies

Eulogies are personalized speeches commemorating your life, usually delivered by close family or friends. For an additional personal touch, why not ask multiple individuals to contribute their perspectives and fondest memories of you? Or write your own eulogy, that way, you can ensure it embodies both your life story and reflects your sense of humor and personality.

Unique Funeral Processions

Create an unforgettable funeral procession by opting for something out-of-the-ordinary for your final journey, like a motorcycle sidecar, vintage car or parade float. Customized processions can help make this last journey truly personal by reflecting your individual passions and interests in one last farewell gesture.

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While planning for your funeral may not be enjoyable, injecting personal touches and wishes into its planning ensures it reflects you perfectly. From music playlists that bring comforting memories, to personalized mementos commemorating life lived, there are endless ways that incorporating your personality and wishes can create a truly personalized farewell experience for loved ones left behind. By including your wishes in your will and outlining how they should be fulfilled upon, your loved ones have an invaluable blueprint that not only respects but celebrates life lived through you in an unforgettable manner.

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