Nadine West May Part 1 Monthly Bag Reviews


I received this product for my honest opinion these opinions are my own and may be different from yours. 

This month I received two tops, three dresses, and one pair of silver earrings. The earrings are in a unique design that is very different which I like. The dresses I received I do like them however there is one that just does not fit me.

Nadine West is a clothing subscription that you receive monthly to try on the different items and whatever you don’t like you send back and you don’t pay for it’s like shopping from your home without the hassle of going out into a crowd.

The first item is this beautiful zebra-looking pattern dress I really do like it however it is too tight and the stomach area for me and that is something that I do not want to accentuate. I am in the process of trying to lose my belly, so maybe it will fit in the future, this retails for $34.99 and this dress is in a size medium.

The next item is this Danaya top in these brown neutral colors The top is in a size medium, and it is pretty, however, just the colors. I am looking more for summer and spring colors and brighter colors. These are more fall colors. This top would be good to pair with some jean shorts or a pair of nice jeans for the summer. It retails for $22.99.

This Shaira dress is a pretty dress but just not my style it almost looks like a body con dress in this black color that has flowers on it. It is more of a form-fitting dress. It comes in a size medium, and it retails for $29.99.

This Suzane top is cute however, it is in a neutral color, which is something that I want to change for the spring and summer I want more bright and pastel colors. Other than that it is a nice top and I like the style it is in a size medium, and it retails for $19.99.

Next is this Rosa dress in the size medium I like the colors of this dress as well, but still geared toward fall time during this time of year I like brighter colors this dress retails for $34.99. It can be paired with a beautiful pair of brown sandals.

And last, but not least is this silver pair of earrings that are definitely unique and are definitely a spin on the classic silver hoops Akela these are dangling earrings that have a hoop with another hoop inside the hoop they reach out for$17.99.

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