'Want To Be A Better Home Host?'


Hosting is something everyone should enjoy doing. If you do not, it might be because you are not proud of your space or you want to throw a non-traditional gathering. 

Your space is your space, and you should feel encouraged to share it, host, and entertain guests in any way you like. 

If you wish to become a better host and guarantee that guests have the best time at your coffee mornings, social catchups, or parties, here are some party planning tips.

Photo by Lisa Fotios: Hosting

Ask what people like to eat and drink

It makes sense to ask what guests would like to eat and drink before they arrive, as it will ensure that you have something to satisfy them. 

For instance, you might find out that most guests prefer lasagna over steak. Hence, you can cook a meal based on preferences and guarantee to satisfy everyone’s stomachs.

Make your home smell nice

To make sure you do not feel embarrassed and your guests feel relaxed, it is important to make your home smell as nice as possible when you host guests. Banishing bad odors from your home will ensure that the space smells fresh and inviting for guests, so you can host and feel proud and the guests can feel relaxed.

A deep clean and lighting candles before the event will make sure your space smells as good as possible.

Make your outdoor space comfortable to

If you have an outside space at home, be sure to make use of it, as guests might wish to spend a while outside. 

If your outside space is not inviting or prepared, it can force guests to spend time inside all day or night, which might not be how they wish to spend their time. Be sure to make your outside space approachable, usable, and comfortable so guests can spend time out there if they wish. 

No matter if it is winter or summer, have seats outside, a shelter, and heating so you and your guests can stay comfortable no matter the weather. 

Let guests know where to find things

Another simple way to become a better host is to let guests know where things are. People might feel uncomfortable asking for the toilet or tissues to wipe their hands while eating. Although you can provide things for people, you cannot read people’s minds and know what they want. 

Therefore, be sure to give guests a quick tour and let them know where to find things so they can do so at their own leisure.

Stock up on drinks

Although you will likely have food covered, it is important that guests have plenty of beverages to choose from.

For example, if you are hosting a dinner party and only offer alcohol, those who do not wish to drink or need to drive will be stuck with water. For some guests, this option might be fine. For others, they might wish to have a soft drink to feel fully satisfied. Therefore, be sure to offer various drinks to satisfy all guests.

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