Nadine West Monthly Bag October


Disclaimer, I received these items to review and give my honest opinion.

Nadine West is a clothing company subscription bag you receive monthly with a Style quiz you have your own stylist that picks out items geared toward your picks. whatever you choose not to keep you just send it back in a prepaid envelope back to Nadine West.

The first item was this beautiful fall appropriate dress I really wanted to like this dress. The only thing is it was very small on me. They said they sent a size medium however, they sent a size small. this dress is perfect for the fall time and I had a covering to put over my head that matched it perfectly. However, I was disappointed I definitely wanna go up a size in this dress and on the model it doesn’t look low-cut however, when I put it on, it was very low in the front. This dress retails for $34.99.

This dress I absolutely love it is a beautiful color and still kind of fall appropriate it has a longer length dress with long sleeves it did dip down just a little bit around the collarbone and has a sleek look. This dress retails for $34.99. It would even be nice for it to come in a variety of different colors which I’m sure it does. I really do like the dress a lot perfect for the cooler weather.


This necklace is pretty it’s really dainty. I do have to say this one again whenever I received it it had two big knots in it. I was able to get these knots out so I am really happy about that. I love any kind of jewelry that is minimalistic and dainty. This moon is gorgeous. This necklace retails for $39.99. And to be honest with you, it took me a long time, but I did get the knots out of this necklace. It is really beautiful.

 This light breeze, medium top cover-up is great to layer with some thing That you need a little extra coverage with. It is in a size medium in gray. I actually gave this top to my daughter I have way too many cardigans/coverups so I figured she could use it. It retails for $37.99. It is really pretty.

This top is really nice to pair with a skirt, jeans, and even shorts. It is more of a design for the summer and spring time. Not really a Fall or winter design. It would be good to wear around patriotic holidays since it has the red white and blue colors in the design. This top retails for $39.99.

And last, but not least this cheetah top this top is in a medium. It is great to pair with leggings, jeans, a skirt, or shorts. This top is in a size medium, which probably I could get by a size small just because of its flowy material. I like the style and the design this top retails for $34.49.

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