The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Summer


The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Summer

The summertime can be memorable for the entire family. The flu along with other illnesses is not as common but can occur. Gaining unhealthy amounts of weight due to a home full of food and an inactive lifestyle can also happen. The summer much like any other season should be a time to focus on the health of your children. Using the few months to make lifestyle changes as a family can follow the family throughout the rest of the year. Getting into new routines can be easier as no school means more time to focus on other areas of life. Below will outline the ultimate guide to keeping kids of all ages healthy this summer. 

Dental Health Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Brushing teeth is going to be important regardless of what time of year it is. Getting into the routine is the first step in improving dental health. A thorough brushing only once per week is not enough especially if your children have a diet that is high in sugar. Flossing is an area too many people in general neglect so incorporate this into the routine as well. Mouthwash is not as harsh as in the past and can help reach areas brushing/flossing cannot. Plaque removal toothpaste can make headway if the dental health of anyone in the family is lacking. 

A Focus On Quality Sleep

Bedtimes tend to get later during the summer as children do not have to be up early for school. The truth is that the bedtime routine should not change besides the bedtime. Quality sleep is so important for recovery in mental and physical capacities. Keeping the noise down if you have teenagers is quite important. Basements can be perfect spots for entertainment spaces that will not disturb anyone trying to sleep in the home. Keeping the home cool during the summer can be a cost but it is an investment in sleeping better. Most individuals sleep better in a cool environment than one where they are sweating. 

Keep Only Healthy Snacks/Drinks In The Home

The food that is kept in the home during afternoon food raids by the family should be healthy. Kids are not going to buy their own food and there are healthy options that are also delicious. The days of healthy snacks tasting like cardboard are gone in most cases. Do not keep soda in the home as this is unhealthy but rather opt for water, tea, and juices without high sugar levels. Save the rich and dense foods for the days out; having lunch somewhere like The Mill Kitchen & Bar is something to really look forward to! You’d also be surprised as to how teens take to cooking once they are taught. 

Limit Hours On TVs And Smartphones

The mental health of your children could be impacted negatively by social media. Taking time away from devices daily can be very important. Even requiring certain educational lessons to be done via online learning can be essential. There are online courses to help learn languages that can be so helpful. Language courses can be a huge struggle if a student is not previously exposed to them. 

Your teen can get ahead in classes or even take college courses rather than get a full-time job. Local college credits can transfer and cut student loan debts by graduation. Heading into college with a specific amount of credits can be a huge advantage when trying to adjust to a more intense class schedule. 

Teens that have jobs likely will not be on their devices during working hours. Most employers are cracking down on this as so many employees of all ages waste time on social media. Teens with jobs are taking on more responsibility so they should be given more independence. Teenage jobs can act as lessons about the professional world and can instill a good work ethic. 

Exercise With Your Kids If They Are Inactive 

Staying active as a family can be something everyone looks forward to. Taking advantage of the weather is crucial cooler climates might have moderate summers. States like Florida that are warm in the winter are almost unlivable if outside for more than a few minutes. Wisconsin is extremely comfortable during these months with residents unable to voyage outside during winter. Frostbite is a massive concern if outside for more than a few minutes during the coldest days of winter. Schools are regularly closed in the winter due to temperatures being too low even if there is no forecast for snow. 

Use this summer as a time to get into great health as a family. Small tweaks to current routines can generate results if done consistently over a period of time. Create a list of areas that can be improved along with what simple things can be done to improve this area of health. 

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