Nadine West June Monthly Bag


Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for Nadine West all opinions are all my own. Your's may differ from mine. 

Nadine West is a monthly clothing bag that caters to women’s clothing and you pick what you want. There is a stylus that picks different items according to your style profile and then they send them out. You decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back easily as that no leaving the house to shop for clothing ever again.

The first item I received is this purple banded top in a size medium. This top retails for $27.99 and is in this purple color which is really pretty the only thing I would say about this top is how it fits tight around the bandit area. I think this is a normal thing however, I think next time this type of tarp would be better in a large, which would fill a whole lot better. The material was very soft and the only thing I’m worried about when washing is if it shrinks.

The next item is this Trina tunic top it is really like almost a mint color this top is more on the flowy side and I received a size small which is really good because if I was wearing a medium or something like that, it would be way too big. And retails for $33.99.this would be a perfect top to pair with a skirt, a pair of jeans, shorts, really anything it would go with, and a cute pair of sandals, or pair it up with some sneakers.

The next item is this Vee tee top in this olive color it fits really nicely and I do like this top. I had one previously and whenever I washed it, it shrunk however, I believe because this one is a medium it is going to be really great. This top retails for $27.99 and is size medium. It would be great to wear this with a skirt or some nice shorts for the summer.

The next item is this Julie skirt that is in the color navy this skirt is really nice. However, the banding at the top kind of creeps up above my belly button and that is not something that I really enjoy. The skirt is very beautiful however so if you don’t have a problem with it going up a little bit then it would be fine for you. It is at a great length. This skirt retails for $27.99 and is in a size medium. 

The next item is this maxi rose dress by Nicole in a size medium this dress is so cute. However, I think you should downsize that dress. It was very big and my underarms stink because I really do love this dress. It has pretty flowers and is the perfect length.  It retails for $40.99.

And last, but like not, least, is the Aria earrings these earrings are really nice. I actually like them a lot they’re perfect for going out. They are not too heavy but not too light they retail for $20.99 and are definitely a keeper. They are silver.

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