Nadine West Monthly Bag April


Nadine West is a monthly bag for women that curate outfits according to their style. All you need to do is take a quiz on their website to let them know what kinds of different types of clothing you like. It is curated toward your style. 

So this month I went in and after I receive his bag, I changed up the things that I want. Every so often I recommend doing this because you will probably get doubles or pretty much the same type of item.

This month I received three tops, two dresses, and one necklace. none of these items really stood out to me as something that I am really excited about. I guess it’s given or take some months are better than others, but this month most of the items I would not wear.

The first item is this Coralie top that is multi-colored in three different layers. The top part is a maroon color. The middle is cream, and then the bottom is a striped design. Not typically something that I would wear. And honestly, it is a little bit too big on me as well. This top is a size medium however, I would probably go to a size small it is really long in length. The top retails for $38.99.

The next top is this Ocean blues top it is almost like a geometrical type of pattern this is not something that I would typically wear out it’s just not my style. It is a nice top that feels great. I was sent a size medium and I would also recommend downsizing to a size small because it does fit bigger. This top retails for  $27.99. 

The next item is this brown cardigan by Rose Sophia. I receive a bunch of these cardigans every month and I have an abundance of them. I do like this one, and I like that you can change them up with the different colors you receive however I am just receiving way too many of these tops this one retails for$39.99 and is in a size medium.

The next item is this Sheila Rose Sabrina dress in a size medium I received this one in the color black I actually like this dress it is the perfect length and not too long, but not too short as well. Perfect to wear to church or to a summer activity this would be great to pair up with sneakers or retails for $37.99.

The next dress is this keanna dress it is really cute. However this color of dress I would definitely pair for the fall time not spring time it is really nice so I’ll be using it in the fall because it’s just the perfect color. This dress retails for $34.99. It is in a size medium.

The next item is this Eleanor ro necklace. This is definitely not my type of necklace. I just don’t enjoy this style at all. It is more of a vintage style jewelry. So anything like this you will not find me wearing.

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