Nadine West May Monthly Bag


Nadine West is a monthly bag geared toward women. You go on their website and fill out a style profile for clothing that you like and that is your style every month. They have a stylist pick out items that are geared toward your liking and then mail them out to you. I like this because it is like Christmas. You don’t know what you’re getting until you receive it.

This month I received one dress, two bottoms, two tops, and a necklace. This month I can tell you right now I was not impressed at all with my monthly bag. I feel like the stylist did not read any of my descriptions or my style picks Hopefully next month will be a lot better. It’s just hit or miss sometimes with them. It doesn’t make it a bad thing. It just is not consistent every month. Some months are great whereas other months are just not as great if that makes sense.

The first item I received is this Gemma cheetah top, which would be great with jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. I do really like this top and this is probably the one item in this month's bag that I did really like. Because the top fitting more on the flowy side, I would’ve recommended going down a size and instead of me having a size medium, I would recommend a size small. Just because it fits a little oversize. this top retails for $39.99 and as I said it’s in a size medium.

The next item was this maroon Katrina top that had buttons down each side I actually have received this top before, and it’s not one of my favorites I will admit. They sent it in a size small, and it retails for $36.49. This would be a good time for the fall and winter time seeing how it’s a long sleeves right now here in Florida is pretty much summer.

The next item is this dress by Remy it’s a jersey dress, and I have to say when I first saw this dress, I was amazed at how short it was. It looks more like a top rather than a dress, and I definitely will not be wearing this. This style is just not what I like. it is a pretty color however it’s just not a dress. it retails for $34.99 and is in a size medium.

The next item I received from Nadine West is these Camille leggings I have in the past received so many laying/There are I just have an abundance of them right now and have put in my description no pants but this month for some reason they must’ve not looked at that because I received two pairs. They have been really good about not sending them however this month was different. 

I would definitely say that these are not leggings. They are more of a type of jegging by Camille they have pockets in the back and are more like jeans than regular leggings. These are definitely not my style and they do not fit on me. These are received came in a size, small/medium. They also retail for $37.99. They are more of a dress up type of jegging. 

Another pair of jeggings is retailing for $37.99. The brand is Theia they are another Jean type of leggings, pretty similar to the ones above, except for the pocket outline. These are in a size medium in the photo above they look more like black leggings these are really more of a dressy type of pant. 

And lastly, this gigi necklace I have to say this is a pretty necklace. However, the way it was packed it was in knots, and it still is in knots. I cannot remove them. So I can’t tell you much about this necklace because I am able to wear it I did take some pictures to show you what it looks like it is very pretty and I know I would’ve loved it but I am unable to remove the knots.  This necklace retails for $34.99.

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