SOLITAIRE.ORG Overview/Review


I really do love This website is really awesome if you want to get away and get things off your mind or if you’re an avid game player. not only do they have solitaire games on here but they have a lot more which is really interesting because I am not one to play games all the time but when I was on this site, it was pretty addicting. You can actually scale through different categories with different types of games they have on this site they have everything from matching games to hidden object games, which are ones that I love to do they have different categories within the hidden object games such as a castle, China, circus, garden, hotel, kitchen, pirate, and princess. So many different categories to find hidden objects, and I find that this was bringing me back, wanting to play over and over again. 

All these games on this website are free to play I could go through and name all the different categories and games they have, but it would be a lot. If you like logic puzzles, that one is pretty cool as well. They have battleships, chess, crossword, Minesweeper and so much more. I also love the word search one I find myself sitting here looking for words and you can make your game board different sizes to make it a little bit more difficult. I find myself really diving into the word search because I want to capture all the words within the timeframe they gave you.

Also, match three is a really good game as well. It is kind of like candy crush but not where you have to line up the colors and then you get it’s actually really addicting trying to get to the next level you don’t want to stop you want to keep going when you get four in a row you can destroy a whole entire line. When you get a rainbow, it means that you have gotten five colors in a row. This game is just really addicting and if you are tied down to your bed, say that you’re sick or in the hospital, this would be great to pull out and play this game. The categories for these are candy fiesta, candy house, same game, a treasure of Atlantis, Zuma ball, and Zuma legend.

Also, under the category Mahjong they have a cooking game which is really cool. You match the ingredients to the recipe. To get points you also have blocked areas where you have to try to figure out how to get them unblocked to make your recipe. There are different dishes. You can make such as spaghetti and meatballs, salmon with lemon and peas, and one other dish pork chops, peas, and potatoes.

I think my favorite game is the hidden object game the other category I played was the circus in finding objects in the pictures there is different themes within the circus you had to find different objects that they had at the bottom of the picture, the next level you had to find all the numbers one through like 30 streets then the next category was to find what pictures were different. I really am enjoying this website. I am excited that it’s not only solitaire. It has other games as well that everybody can enjoy.

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