7 Simple DIY Home Repairs

 Many people are reluctant to fix stuff around their house, fearing potential mishaps. Truth be told, climbing onto the roof to change shingles might seem scary if you're afraid of heights. Similar can be said for replacing electric outlets, as one of the more delicate DIY home repairs.

However, if you take proper security measures, most of these repairs are a breeze. “You really don’t need assistance for cleaning your gutters or similar house maintenance,” according to Style Roofing Inc., one of the best roofing companies in Northern VA

In this article, we decided to share 7 simple DIY home repairs that just about anyone can do. Enjoy!

DIY Home Repairs
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1. Unclogging a dishwasher

Clogged dishwashers can be a real nuisance. Luckily, it’s one of the easier things you can fix around the house. The fantastic thing about unclogging a dishwasher is that you can approach it in several different ways. 

First off, we suggest you start by checking the filter. Make sure there isn’t any garbage inside of it. After that, you should also see if there’s something clogging the drain and drain host. When you detect the issue, proceed by removing any debris. However, we suggest that you call pros if you have to completely remove the part.

2. Winterize doors and windows

Draft coming from your windows and doors can significantly increase your heating bills. Luckily, this is an issue that you can easily address with some caulk. You just have to apply the substance around the frame to prevent cold air from getting in.

Keep in mind that you need to replace the caulk every once in a while for full winterization. Make sure to check the draft by moving your hand alongside the window or door frame. If you can feel a light breeze in a specific area, remove the old caulk with a sharp tool and put in a new layer. 

3. Fix sticking doors

If you live in a humid area, there's a chance you might struggle with sticking doors. This phenomenon occurs when the wood starts swelling due to moisture and the door gets glued to it. Not only is this bad for your frame, but it might cause damage to the door handle and joints. 

Generally speaking, the best way to address this issue is through prevention. Having painted doors will reduce the "soaking." However, if you have natural wood, you can also protect it with a coat of varnish or oil. You should also tighten door screws and hinges and lubricate them a bit.

4. Addressing power outages

When you encounter a power outage, you should first call your neighbors to check if they’re dealing with the same issue. If an outage is only affecting your home, there’s a chance you’re having issues with the fuse box, lights, or outlets. 

5. Repairing your cistern

Toilet cistern overflow is another issue you might encounter several times in your life. If water starts spilling from the cistern, you should probably adjust its ballcock. 

The solution will vary based on the type of cistern you have. With older models, you’ll have to affix the ballcock’s arm downward. If you’re using a modern cistern, you should turn simply release and re-tighten the locknut. 

If this still doesn’t help, you’re probably having issues with a damaged float valve. So, make sure to replace the part.

6. Improve your radiators

Similar to doors and windows, you can improve the efficiency of your radiators. Many times, radiators struggle because they have trapped air inside of them. Not only does the air reduce efficiency, but it might also cause extensive damage over time. 

Find the valve on the radiator and turn it anti-clockwise. By doing so, you'll release the air from within. While you're doing this, place a few towels on the floor to prevent leaks.

7. Clean your gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of the easiest and most efficient home fixes. They get clogged by leaves and debris during autumn, causing water overflow. The water will start leaking on the side of your house, damaging the walls.

All you need to do in this particular case is climb up on the ladder and remove the filth from the gutters. It's a simple task that just about anyone can do, and you don't have to waste money calling handymen. 

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