Nadine West Monthly Clothing Subscription January 2023


(Disclaimer) I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine West 2023 has a good ring to it. Well, we made it 2023 here we are and that means a whole other year of Nadine West clothing hauls. I am so excited to get this year started with my first bag in 2023 January.

Nadine West is a monthly clothing subscription with hand-picked items catered to the quiz you do online. All you do is go to and fill out their quiz on the type of clothing you like there are different categories to pick from and you can even put what colors do not look good on you. So that you can avoid getting these items picked for your monthly bag. there is even a box where you can customize and tell them exactly what you want to avoid if it’s not within the quiz. I have used that box on a regular basis and I actually really like it.

In this bag, I received a couple tops, a couple dresses, a pullover cardigan top, and a golden necklace.

The first two items I want to speak about are the two dresses I received I absolutely love both of them one of them is perfect for summer and the other one is perfect all year round. But you could pair both of these with a Jean jacket and they would go perfectly either way.

The first dress is this beautiful green color long dress almost a midi I would say that has some ruffles toward the bottom it is a size med it retails for $34.99. This dress is perfect all year round but the color is excellent for fall and winter time I can pair this with a Jean jacket and it looks amazing during the summer I don’t need a jacket I can just wear it as is with a pair of sandals. I won hundred percent love this dress and would love to keep getting more dresses like this. Of course in different colors. This dress is a keeper. I wore this dress and forgot to take a photo then looked for it and couldn't find it I know it's in dirty clothes but I love this dress. 

The next dress is this beautiful Mauve pink color it has almost tank top straps. Again perfect all year round however you could throw on a jean jacket and wear it anytime. This is a maxi dress in the size medium and it also retails for $34.99. Another dress I really like this style and love that I am receiving more dresses. this is a keeper.

The next item I received is this black cardigan lightweight jacket I’m not really sure how to describe this it’s not really a sweater but a pull over a lightweight not really even a jacket it is a soft material. I do however receive a lot of these in different colors and this one is looking just like the others I like it but I just have too many at this time. It’s in a size medium and retails for $39.99.I do like it but like I said I have too many of them. So I may try to see if I can take a break for a while. this would still be a keeper however right now I have too many.


The next item I received is this night breeze top in the color plum/purple it is not really my color and not really my style shirt. It comes in a size medium and retails for $33.99.It is a soft type of material and hangs below your waist which is really nice. It would be perfect to pair with a nice pair of jeans, leggings, or even shorts during the summer you can also pair them with a nice pair of sandals or boots if you’re wearing leggings or something like that.

The next item is this top and brown I actually really like this color it is a neutral color wish I tend to wear a lot it has a little bit of a V-neck which is nice and would be great to pair with leggings or jeans. It is in a size medium and retails for $28.99. This is one to keep.

And the last item is this gold necklace it is called the Amelia necklace which has this little minimalistic charm on it and retails for $34.99 it is nice and minimalistic which I like however the little charm is not really my style. But still a great item.

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