MoeHope brightening rejuvenation Hydrogel Facial Facemasks


MoeHope brightening rejuvenation Hydrogel facial Facemasks         


These brighteningrejuvenation Hydro gel facemasks come in a five-piece box for you to use for about two weeks. Supposedly, they are supposed to whiten the skin in only 45 minutes, making it brighter. No you keep using the mask for 20 days every two days and you can see your skin tone and look more healthy and beautiful.


It improves the Lusterlessnes and dullness of the skin and helps with aging as well as dryness. I haven’t used these long enough to tell you if they are working 100% however they do feel great on the skin and I can see how they would be really hydrating. These would be really great for a girl's night whether you're having a slumber party or just a party these would be a great addition. 


These masks contain many natural ingredients like wheat bran extract that promotes skin metabolism and revitalizes your skin and also gives it a brightening effect. It is good to know that you can have these natural ingredients on your face and know that they are great for your face and not know what’s inside the mask. 


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