Thursday, August 18, 2022

Beauty HC 8-piece large hair clips for women's review


Beauty HC 8-piece large hair clips for women's review


These hair clips are really large however they are great for any hair type whether you have thin hair or thick hair. This is an 8-piece set that retails for $12.96. The style is a mat finished with a nonslip texture. I love all the colors that they come in they’re all neutral such as gray, beige, brown, and black.

They are great for women of all ages And very light so they do not give you headaches. I have experienced that in the past when they fit tight. They are pretty wide opening so they are able to capture all of your hair even the thickest. They are great for travel and fit into a makeup bag or even you can clip them on the strap on your purse to make it easy to access. 


They come in this beautiful decorative gift box where it allows you to give this as a gift to a young woman or a girl it would be the perfect stocking stuffer as well. they have the inner teeth that helps grip the hair from the inside. These are also great for washing your face or taking a shower to keep your hair clip back so it does not get wet.   


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