My Spiritual Walk with God and What is coming in 2022!

I've always gone to church and believed and have known this for a while however we get in our head to where we don’t want to go upfront and let others know about our faith and our testimony. I couldn’t tell you exactly when or how but when you know you know.

I of course was led off that path whenever I moved away from home. As we all do because we are all human we are all flesh. I have always not been the best person and example for Christ we all make mistakes and come short. That’s why we ask for forgiveness. What lead me back into the right path of God was my mother she had gotten really sick and this was an ongoing thing with her liver. Several years before 2008 she had a fatty liver and the doctor told her to work out and lose weight I guess he didn’t really make it a big deal like it was because she thought oh I just needed to eat healthier and lose weight. However, as the years progressed it got worse and worse and it turned into cirrhosis of the liver. We didn’t know exactly how bad it was. Around May 2008 her legs were swollen and I told her she needed to get them checked out then one time I saw her at Walmart just running into her and her skin looked yellow. It was her liver shutting down she paid a couple more visits to the hospital throughout June and July. One time when I was visiting her in the hospital she had asked me to go back to church and wanted me to promise her that. So that is exactly what I did I promised her that I would go back to church and on July 7, 2008, early a.m. she had passed away.

So around that time, I started visiting the church that my parents and my sister went to this was in church that I had gone to yearly for their New Year’s eve service. After A couple months in September, I had nothing holding me back I walked out and professed my faith and belief in Jesus Christ as my savior. Ever since becoming a member of the church, I have been attending. Yeah not saying you have to be baptized to be saved but if you are saved wouldn't you want others to know? But I would say within the past year or two I have really been focusing on coming to every service Sunday morning and night and Wednesday prayer meeting. Attending the services and going is making my faith stronger and learning more about the Bible. Wednesday night is for prayer which is so important in your walk with God. I would say within the past six months I started going on Wednesday night and Sunday night as well I didn’t always attend the services but now I know how important it is.

Throughout my blog, I will be posting about my experience and things that I have learned around the Bible and post on my blog as well as the normal things that I post about. I thought this would be great to be a testimony and tell people what I know and have learned.

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