Ironing board cover Review

 Disclaimer This is my overall review and opinions on this product you’re opinion may differ from mine.

Check out this BNDX ironing board cover it is 15“ x 54“ with four layers of thick fabric. This padding covers quickly and easy over the ironing board with no struggle BNDX has been out for a very long time and knows exactly what they want with their padded ironing covers. I think this gray brushstroke design is a beautiful design for this cover.

The way this product comes packaged is pretty incredible as well. To help use the least amount of pvc these covers are packed in a colorful printed eco-friendly craft paper. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for the upcoming year as well as even a white elephant gift for someone.

This is 100% polyester fiber plus 100% Polyurethane foam. This is another great gift that would be amazing for anybody moving into a new apartment or home the perfect housewarming gift. Pair it with an ironing board, maybe a laundry basket there’s all kinds of ideas you can come up with the possibilities are endless. Note to self these arn’t recommended for machine wash. 

My ironing board I currently have is a little bit smaller than what this cover fits.    So I am going to go out and purchase a new ironing board that will fit this cover. I really like the design and the padding that comes along with it.       

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