French Nail Tips Fake Nails


French nail tip False nails

 These French nails are really great for preteens and teenagers the perfect gift for Christmas. I think this would be perfect for a stocking stuffer. This kit comes with so many nails you will never run out it will keep your girl busy for hours. These nails are also great for women as well.

This package comes with over 500 artificial half cover French nail tips, a u sharp nail cutter, one nail brush,  One cuticle trimmer, one cuticle pusher, and 4 nail files. This kit has everything you need the only thing you need to purchase outside of this is just some polish and some glue.

The nails are made pretty sturdy and there is about 50 sets in this package. Perfect gifts for any girl or women out there! I think it’s great that this kit comes with four nail files and not just one not just two but four. Two larger ones and two smaller ones. Such a great deal for what you get!


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