Christmas Gift Guide Etsy Shop BigBearLaser Ornaments Reviews


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

It’s the holiday season and we are all looking for different types of gifts for everybody out there whether it be for a child, parent or just a friend. Today I’m telling you about a small shop called BigBearLaser this is a company that makes homemade ornaments out of wood pieces. I am loving the uniqueness and also the creativity that is put inside these ornaments. You can tell that she really takes her time to make each ornament customizable to that person.

I also love that these ornaments look farmhouse/rustic looking. The two ornaments I chose to customize were the dog paw print ornament for our dog Shaq, and the Chihuahua ornament for our dog we had to put down last year Tyson. I think these ornaments are amazing and not only do they have dog and pet ornaments they also make other kinds of ornaments such as regular shaped ornaments that you can customize with anything on it and also they have coronavirus ornaments which is fitting for this year.

If you are looking for an ornament for your pet or maybe you want to remember coronavirus this year whatever the case maybe you need to check out their shop again big bear laser is the name of the shop and this is also great for someone who’s lost a pet that I can show that they still remember them. I truly love my ornaments and I’m grateful I have these for years to come.

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