2020 Christmas Ornament Quarantine Survivor


Well I knew this would happen this Christmas I present to you the 2020 Christmas ornament quarantine survivor this is such a cute ornament and I knew that something like this would come upon us for the holiday season. It explains 2020 in a nutshell. You can customize this ornament according to your family whether you have two individuals in your family or six customize it the way you want.

I did however think that this ornament was made out of glass or ceramic whenever I received it I was pleasantly surprised that it’s made out of a rubber material pvc. They give you the option between choosing to turn six family members. 

This ornament comes with a red ribbon as well to hang it on the tree. This would also be a great gift for someone that has just had a hard year you’re going to want to remember 2020 for sure. You can also personalize this ornament by getting a fine tip marker and adding your own personalization. You can add it right on the toilet paper roll.

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