Nadine West Monthly Review September

 Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine West what can I say a very great subscription monthly for women with clothing, jewelry, and accessories. What is Nadine west they send you out a variety of items anything ranging from 7 to 12 items at a time. My favorite part about it it’s like you were getting gifts from a friend. You don’t know exactly what to expect but the excitement of opening the bag makes it fun. So basically you pay for what you keep if there is something that you don’t like or it doesn’t fit right all you do is send it back in a prepaid envelope. It’s that simple. Most of the time I receive items that I really do love. Sometimes every now and then you will get doubles of something or just in general you’ll get something that just doesn’t fit your taste. The way they know this is you take a quiz and let them know what type of items you like and what colors you generally wear. 

This month I received 11 pieces.

This month I received about five tops, two pair of leggings, one Capri legging, Black dress pants, and a pair of khaki stretch pants. And I did receive a necklace as well.

I received this Paz blacktop any size small. I really do love this shirt it has the upper collar area is see-through and then the rest of it is solid black. I really do love this style and it’s great for dressing up with a pair of leggings. It retails for $39.99 to keep. I feel like this price is a little high for this type of shirt but I do love it and say that I would keep it if the price wasn’t so high. It is definitely my style.

The next item I received is the Fabrienne peach top this top is more of a summer/spring top in my opinion. I do you love his top however it would not be something I would choose this time of year. Only because it reminds me of summer and spring it has a cut out in the back which is a really nice touch. It is super comfortable, this top is in a size medium. It also retails for $29.49 to keep. This would be a top that I would return just because it’s more of a spring and summer top that I will not even wear this time of year.

This blacktop you will see a trend with this months bag I did receive a lot of black tops which is kind of upsetting because I like black however I would like more of a variety of fall type colors. So this black top is really cute it is called the Melusine top which retails for $29.49 to keep. I like this top however like I said I have a lot of black tops right now so it doesn’t stand out to me like other colors would. But it is nice I like the neckline and would definitely keep if I didn’t have so many black tops. This one is in a size medium.

This top Gayle which is a striped gray and white color I really do you like this top it fits really well not too big and it’s not too small. This is great to pair with a good pair of jeans or shorts which is versatile during this time of year. The material is really soft. It retails for $39.99 to keep.

This bottom the lace Capri in black is super cute if you want to dress up for something fancy whether it’s semi-casual or a little bit fancier these would be the perfect bottoms very stretchy almost like a legging but just a Capri with lace. I received this in a size medium and retails for $17.99 to keep. 

The channa leggings in black are a classic when it comes to fall time this is 100% my style and I absolutely love them they fit perfect and are super stretchy. I would definitely keep these they retail for $21.49 to keep. Who wouldn’t need a classic black legging for this time of year I know I would.

Again like I said with this bag there is a trend where they sent a lot of black tops and leggings. The maika dark Burgundy leggings are really beautiful and nice. I am loving them. These leggings are great for the fall time and I see myself wearing them a lot and I love the color because it reminds me of the fall leaves. They retail for $35.99 to keep. This would be something I would keep but I don’t know about the price that’s kind of expensive for a pair of leggings.

These pants are very soft against the skin and lift the butt up with comfort in mind. These are a jean type material that is almost fitting like a legging. I really do enjoy these and they pretty much go with any top they retail for $27.49 to keep. They are super comfortable the only thing I would change about these is maybe to have them a little bit shorter in length. If you want to wear shoes with no socks it doesn’t show that area very well and the pants reach the length of the shoe.

These black pants are ok but not my taste at all. These are more of dressier pants that you would wear to work. They are more on the baggier side and not so much formfitting. They retail for $24.19 to keep.

And last but not least is the Jeraldine silver necklace 

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