Best South Bbq Wing Rack Review

 Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I was so excited whenever I heard about this Best South Bbq rack the first thing I thought of was that this product is going to be perfect for all year round not only just for the summer but perfect for the fall time too. And even now when people are getting together for football games and having football parties this rack would be perfect even for tailgating. This rack is very versatile in what you want to grill up. We tested out chicken wings and ribs.

We have a medium-sized grill and this was easy to use and fit perfectly in our grill. Like I said we did ribs and chicken wings but not on the same night. One side is for the wings and you can fit up to 36 depending on the placement of them. 

Then we used the other side for the 
ribs and I was especially excited for these ribs they cooked really well and also had some amazing flavor. Perfect for on the go tailgating and parties over friend's houses. 

The next time we grilled out we tried grilling ribs on the Best South Bbq wing rack. All you do is flip over the rack and place the ribs in between the grooves.

These turned out really great they tasted amazing and we put seasoning as well as Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce when the ribs were halfway done. I’ve had ribs in the past and these were amazing. They just fell right off the bone.

We paired these ribs with macaroni salad, potato salad, and some cold pasta we make. It was a really amazing dinner and I ate all of it. This rack is perfect for this time of year weather your having parties, or just a family dinner at home it's the best.

My son loved the ribs really everyone in the house loved them and I can tell you we will be using this rack a lot all through the year. I would definitely say they were a huge hit. 

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