Nadine West August Monthly Review

I received my monthly box from Nadine west for August and I am going to review the items that I received this month. This is a popular month for back to school and if you don't require uniforms they have some pretty amazing items. And it always helps that if there's something you don't like you can always return it and you won't have to pay.

Nadine West is a monthly subscription for clothing where you go on their website to take a style quiz. Every month they send you out a variety of items to try on and see if you like. If there's an item you don't like or multiple items you don't like you can return them with their prepaid shipping label. Easy as that don't keep what you will not wear and then you don't have to pay.

The first item I received is one that I was super excited about it is this off the shoulder top black and white that ties in the front. This top is very versatile and can be layered for the cooler months or perfect for spring and summer. You can pair this top with anything such as jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. This top is very soft and great against the skin. I am really loving this it retails for $26.99.

The next item I want to tell you about is this burnt orange skirt and that has buttons all the way down this skirt goes a little bit past the knees and his permit for the fall time just match it with a beautiful blouse and then you're all set. The skirt would be perfect to wear to church I am really loving it and I received the skirt and a size small. It retails for $22.99

Next, I received this beautiful black blouse that has beautiful borders flowers on the sleeves that is see-through. This blouse is a little higher up than a normal top would be but I am absolutely loving it this would be great with jeans or a pair of black dress pants or even a cute pair of shorts. This is a top I will definitely keep it is really nice and lightweight perfect for the transition from summer to fall. This top retails for $25.99.

The next item I received is this cream and black skirt not really my style but the material is really nice and feels soft against the skin the design on it is different geometrical patterns and is by the company capella apparel.  And it's in the size small. This skirt angles down into a triangle this would be a great skirt to wear out for a nice dinner or to church. The skirt retails for $15.99.

This beautiful leopard DNA couture top that has a keyhole front and sleeveless has a really unique design this chat has leopard print all over with red roses sporadically through the top. The company that this top is by is DNA Couture $24.99

This cream top by Charlie Los Angeles is a beautiful top that can be worn to work if you have to dress up or maybe a casual night out it has long sleeves that can button up to quarter length sleeves. The buttons down the top are made of pearls which adds a little bit of a fancier touch. This chart is in a size small and retails for $27.99.

I'm so excited to tell you about this top that I really like it is by the company and DNA could tour in a size small it is a wider opening maroon tank top that has different feathers around. It is very my style the back has a little keyhole button up and I am just absolutely loving it it feels amazing on the skin and is kind of see-through however it has a layered top underneath. It retails for $30.99.

These cute white shorts are great for spring, summer, and early fall they are by the company ambiance and are in the size small the only thing with the shorts you have to be careful not to get them dirty because of them being white but I really love this change-up from Denim Shores to something a little different just get a cute top to go with it and you were all set. I actually gave these to my daughter they were too small.  These bottoms are retail for $22.49.

And last but not least one of my favorites I received these dinner teal capris in the size small by the company lavey and they're absolutely gorgeous they are very stretchy which I am all for and a very spring and summer these will go perfect with any kind of top and I am super excited to wear these they fit just perfect. They retail $18.49.

And onto the jewelry the selection of jewelry I received this month is probably my favorite yet I received a pair earrings, bracelet, and necklace all in the same tone and I'm loving it. First is the bracelet I received it's a two-tone color almost like rose gold and the earrings the same and so is the necklace so beautiful. The earrings are by jayla and goldish silver and the necklace is a silver mult color and the bracelet is a mult bronze color as well. All very beautiful. The necklace retails for $24.99 and the bracelet is 16.99 and the earrings retail for $11.99.

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