Maxx Herb Pau D Arco Plus Liquid Extract Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Maxx Herb is a liquid extract that is a therapeutic blend with dandelion, red clover, this is for detoxification and cleansing and support of the immune system. This is a one month supply this is great and a powerful combination of wild harvest herbs that is designed to help maintain balance.

This is something great
 to take that will help the function of your kidneys, spleen, stomach, and gallbladders the dandelion traditionally supports normal function of the digestive system. This is a maximum strength solution that has the highest quality of raw materials. You can mix this up in a glass of water or juice or take it straight in the dropper.

This product is made in the USA unlike most pills and powders, liquid extracts are easier for the body to digest. This formula is certified by the health department and is produced in accordance with our current GNP regulations in the USA.

This liquid really doesn't have a taste I prefer to just drop it in some water where are you don't really have to worry about tasting something bad. It's just easier that way. Make sure you try this out what could it hurt except for it's helping your digestive system.

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