Nadine West April Clothing Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

This month from Nadine West I started receiving spring clothing items that I am really enjoying. This month I got quite a few items I want to tell you about. a teal quarter length sleeve top, leopard lace see-through kimono top, hunter green high low top, casual Leopard lounge pants, coral shorts with tie, gray top with knot, black high low skirt, elephant shorts in burgundy  "one of my favorites " , burnt orange leggings, and Black and gray tie-dye pants for lounging, last but not least the jewelry I received this bracelet and there is baby blue and white with owls and lives in silver detailing, and last but not least a pair of teal accent earrings.

The first item I received is this beautiful teal quarter length top this top can go eat basically anything short or jeans. It's super soft to the touch and great for spring and summer time also great for fall and winter just layer it with a jacket. It is by the brand Zenana Outfitters and retails for $23.49 I will definitely be wearing this a lot this spring and summer time that's for sure. This is my favorite color right now too.

The next item is this really cute leopard lace see-through, kimono top called Wild Cardi you can dress this top up casually or really dressing it to your choice. It has that beautiful leopard print that everyone loves. This would be great to pair up with a pair of black dress pants and a cute layer top. It also would be really cute with a pair of shorts and just a casual shirt or even a nice dress. This top is by the brand Wild Cardi and retails for $23.49. 

I am really loving this hunter green high low casual top this is a good top to pair up with casual jeans shorts or a really nice skinny jean. Or you can even pair this up with a pair of black dress pants for work. This shirt is really soft and is made really well this brand is Adalyn and retails for $13.49.

Next, are these Casual Leopard lounge pants they are super comfortable and nice. Great wearing these just hanging around the house or just out and about they have a stretch waistband with a drawstring in the front. These pants are so soft to the touch and pretty much go with any piece of clothing even if you're looking to wear them a little on the dressy side. These retail for $20.99

Sheer Luck in red this is a very cute top and very sheer that is why I would wear a red tank or orange tank under or even a red bralett this would pair up with a great pair of jeans or even nice shorts. This top is perfect for the summer and would be a great staple in anyone's wardrobe. This top retails for $20.99 and is definitely worth the price. 

These dark pair of coral shorts another casual piece great to pair up with a nice dress shirt. Pretty much with any color top would be amazing. This would look great with a nice pair of sandals for the summer. There a size medium by the brand ShoSho they retail for 16.99 for these cute bottoms.

This gray top that has a middle knot is a perfect summer top and very lightweight and can be paired up with shorts or jeans and even great layering during the winter time. I really am enjoying the softness on the skin of this material. This shirt is in a size medium and fits true to size. It retails for $25.99

Next is a black high low skirt the brand is heart and hips and retails for $19.99. This skirt is really nice but fits my daughter a little bit better so I gave this to her. She is really enjoying it and it looks great with so many tops. This is in a size medium. These retail for $19.99. 

Next is the burgundy shorts with the elephant design. It's called Follow the Leader by the brand new mix in medium this is the perfect size and material is so soft to the touch. Wear a dress shirt or something a little more low key. These shorts retail for $21.99

The next item of clothing are these burnt orange leggings that I am really enjoying there perfect for the fall time because of the color and style I am absolutely loving them. You can pair these up with a long sweater and boots or maybe just a dressy top for going out these leggings are very versatile. These bottoms retail for $16.99

Also, I got this black and gray tie-dye lounge pants that are super comfortable and so soft. Whether you wear it around the house just lounging around or maybe out and about with a comfy T-shirt. I actually really am loving these pants because of them being so comfortable and soft against my skin I find myself wearing these a lot around the house. I receive these in a size medium and they retail for $13.99

Last but not least I received a few jewelry items the first item is this a beautiful baby blue, and white. This bracelet is super cute and it also has little charms on it which I absolutely love a couple owls, old charms, leaf charms, and infinity charm. It is absolutely beautiful and would pair it up with anything. This bracelet retails for $12.99

And last but not least these pair of earrings that are absolutely stunning they have teal charms on the earrings. And dangle and are great for wearing them out with a fancy outfit or you can wear them with casual jeans and a nice shirt. These earrings retail for $14.99

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