Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Next Family Car

Last year 17.13 million light vehicles were bought by the American public, according to Statista. When it comes to choosing the perfect vehicle for your family, it’s essential that you consider a number of aspects to ensure both your family and your investment are protected. As a result, sales of SUVs are on the rise across the country. However, regardless of whether your dream car is a family-friendly SUV or something a little smaller, here’s how to source the best vehicle for your family’s needs.

Perform vigorous car seat checks

Laws regarding car seats and booster seats vary from state to state. However, young infants must be restrained in a car seat. Therefore, it’s essential that your new vehicle is suitable for your existing car seat, especially if you’ve splashed out $500 on it. Most car seat manufacturers list the make, models and year of manufacture which their seats will fit into, so be sure to check this before splashing out on your new set of wheels. Furthermore, carry out a dummy run with your kids and their seats to ensure that the doors are wide enough to comfortably load them all in.

Safety ranking

When you’re traveling with your kids, you undoubtedly want to ensure optimum safety. Each year, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals the safest vehicles on the road following rigorous testing, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for vehicles on the market which make the list. 2018’s safest vehicles included 10 Toyotas and nine Hyundais. Meanwhile, automatic emergency braking systems and a minimum headlight rating of “good” help to push vehicles higher up the list, as these features provide additional safety benefits on the road.

Ample storage

No matter whether it’s a long or short journey that you’re going on, your kids and their belongings will take up a significant chunk of space in your car. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase a vehicle which offers ample storage space. It’s wise to take your pushchair car shopping with you so that you can check it fits snugly in the trunk. Also, be on the lookout for vehicles which offer drinks holders, cubby holes and pockets on the back seat so that you can stash drinks, toys, and games to keep your children amused during your travels.

When it comes to choosing the perfect family vehicle for your family, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Always check that your kids’ car seats are suitable for your new vehicle and that the vehicle is known for its safety features. And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for handy storage space too.

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