Chewy Ambassador Blogger October Review Honest to Dog Purina TastyTenders

I am a Chewy Ambassador these are my honest opinions on their products!!

I want to tell you about these amazing dog treats by Purina they are called honest to dog Tasty tenders turkey and chicken recipe grain free dog treats. We received these in a 16-ounce pouch and they retail for $13.99. They also come in a 30-ounce pouch as well that retails for $23.99. My dog absolutely loves these treats beside them being a natural dog treat they are also grain-free and easy for your dog to digest.

They have limited ingredients and they try to avoid many common allergens. They are also made with real turkey and that is the first ingredient followed by real chicken. They are protein rich treats made with tender and meaty textures that your dog will love.

My dog loves these every time he goes outside he thinks he gets one and they are great for all different size dogs small breeds, medium braids, and even large breeds. They are geared toward adult dogs and are made in the United States. They are grain-free, gluten-free, and are a limited ingredient diet.

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