Now Accepting Submissions Christmas/holiday Gift Guide Submission

It's that time of year again!! Highly anticipated Christmas gift guide starting now I am only taking submissions reason being you want to get on this list as early as possible. If you are a company looking to promote your items for the upcoming holiday season make sure to sign up for my guide starting now. The earlier you sign up the better that just means you'll be first on my list when I start my posts.

I will be taking sign-ups now in July but I will start posting after the school year starts which will be mid-August I will post on a first come first serve basis. Meaning if you're the first one to sign up for my holiday guide when I start my posts you will be the first one in line. This will be great because you will get your company out there and start getting promoted early on.

I also will be posting any black Friday specials so if I already posted about your companies items shoot me an email and ill make a little post about your sale for Black Friday before it starts.

Items that can be submitted to my guide 

* Games/Puzzles
* Toys/Outdoor Toys
* Arts/Crafts/DIY'S
* Clothing/Accessories-Women/Men/Kids
* Beauty/Makeup/Hair Accessories
* Shoes/Women/Men/Kids
* Electronics/Tech
* Pets
* Stocking Stuffers
* Christmas Related Items
* Household
* Health
* Movies/Music
* Outdoor Accessories
* Beverages/Alcohol/Non Alcohol/Food/Snacks
* Candles/Wax Cubes/Wax Warmers
* And so much more...

You name it and it could probably be a gift. 

There will be a minimum of $50 in product or multiple products that equal the $50 in value. 

If you want me to write about your product and want it featured without product there will be a fee which will be $70. Message me and we can talk.

Please email me to get started at 

So we can get things set up!

I do require Full-Size Products not samples if you send samples out I will not send back!!

All products welcome in my gift guide just email and ask. 

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