Chewy Blog Ambassador June Blue Buffalo Sizzlers Review

I am a Chewy Ambassador these are my honest opinions on their products!!

My dog is loving these Blue Buffalo Sizzler's they are made from an all natural alternative to the real bacon this is the number one pork original treat. I'm sure you can guess my dog absolutely loves these treats every time I give him one he gobbled them up. If your dog loves bacon then he'll love these treats. 

And they are 100% USA pork and they are great tasting and natural dog treats that they will live. They contain no wheat and made without corn, soy, or artificial preservatives, and colors or flavors. Some of the ingredients these treats contain are pork, rice, pea protein, potato protein, and so much more.

Sorry, this was a live action shot he was moving so fast to get this treat. So it's a little blurry. 

I know your dog will love these treats and I know you will feel great about giving them to your pet. This would be a great treat for your dog during the summer make sure to check them out where they sell blue buffalo products.

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