Bush Gardens Safari of Fun Kids Weekends Monsters & Fairies

We received complimentary tickets to Safari of Fun Kids Weekends Halloween Events.

I want to tell you about all the fun things Bush Gardens has in store for your little ones this Fall Season. Have you heard of the Safari of Fun kid's weekends?? Going on right now on the weekends they have Saturday's and Sunday's starting October 7-Oct 29th 11am thru 3:30pm were you can celebrate Halloween with all the Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, and so much more.

It started out with big bird taking us to our destination. And then we met Elmo he took us to the fall festival in Busch Gardens. Where there were all different types of activities, games, picture opportunities, and so much more.

The kids started out doing crafts where they made crowns for their head and masks for their face, another activity they had was corn hole, ring the pumpkins, they also had a big stage for the kids to go on and dance to music and Hulu Hoop and the kids absolutely loved it.

There was also a couple of Frankenstein's with big teeth you have to throw the beanbags and knock the teeth over. This was a pretty cute game and the idea of having this at Busch Gardens for others to enjoy is a really cute idea. They actually had a mini corn maze too.

And of course so many photo opportunities with the characters and also around the corn maze there are so many fall decorations you can take a lot of great pictures. There is so much to do around the park make sure you check it out when you have time. Everything from looking at the animals and actually riding rides. This is included when you pay for the day in the park and I think it's an amazing idea. And we can't forget the kids got a goodie bag of candy too. They were so pleased with everything.

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