Preparing for my Christmas in July Gift Guide

I know it's so early but I think you can never be too early to start thinking about Christmas and getting great ideas for gifts besides it will be here before you know it. So I was thinking this year I would start a little early for all my readers so they get ideas for Christmas time.

So what does this guide Intel I am going to be showcasing a huge variety of items that would be amazing Christmas Gifts this Holiday Season. I am starting all my posts in July all the way up until Christmas. Lots, and lots of gift ideas for my readers. Everything from Men, Women, and Kids items and so much more. 

This Holiday guide will be great exposure for your company and I am doing this early to get exposure out early.

Items I am looking to promote

*Men's Clothing/Accessories Etc..
*Women Clothing Accessories Etc..
*Stocking Stuffers
*and so much more..

All products are welcome.

All items in gift guide have the option to do a giveaway also. The company will be required to mail products out. 

*If you would like to be included in my gift guide but not send a product there will be a $50 fee for placement.

Full Sized Products will be required to be in my Holiday Guide. 

I do disclose and follow by the FTC Guidelines always. 

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