Celebrate Back to School with Dunkin Donuts Review Frozen Coffee

Disclaimer I received a gift card as compensation for my honest opinion on the products mentioned below. I only state my true opinion about products and services. 

Can't wait to tell you about what Dunkin' Donuts has to offer you this summer with their amazing frozen coffee drinks, ice coffee drinks, donuts, and so much more. Dunkin' Donuts also has this new vanilla cake batter donut or the new Dunkin' Donuts Sprinkle Donut. As well as all their other popular donuts. These would be good snacks to get after a long day at the ballpark or just as a treat but I really want to tell you about their frozen coffee.

So Dunkin' Donuts frozen coffee is called frozen Dunkin coffee this coffee is a mix of coffee concentrate, ice, creamer, and the part I really love the best is you can choose what flavor shots or swirls you want in your frozen coffee. I was unaware of this at first but when I got my coffee I asked them could I add a flavor in it and they were like sure so I added the French vanilla swirl flavor which is amazing. And after a long hot day at the splash pad with the kids this is just what I needed. I actually let the kids try a couple sips and of course, they loved it too. But I don't recommend giving this to your kid just because of how sweet it is.

Now, this drink from what I learned is a lot stronger than their iced coffee concentrate this allows the blended drink to be more like a coffee rather than a coffee coolatta. So this drink has all the caffeine that a typical ice coffee has and can be customized with your type of milk, for example, almond milk, flavor shots, and flavor swirls. For a limited time, you could also add coconut cream pie or butter pecan to your choices also.

So, in my opinion, this is definitely a great summer drink that will keep you cool for the rest of the summer and into fall. I absolutely love it and will be getting it more. Next time I want to try a different flavor swirl. So I highly recommend if you have a Dunkin' Donuts near by to go and check them out this summer and into the fall too. I also want to tell you right now until the end of summer and possibly ongoing they have happy hour from 3 to 6 every day where you can get a medium ice coffee flavor of your choice for $.99 make sure you take advantage of this offer.

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