Sponsored Post Graduation Time is Among Us look to Basic Invite for allyour Invite Needs

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It's that time again time for the ending of the school year and the beginning of Summer. But don't forget about the amazing graduation stationery they also have high school graduation cards too. On top of that, they have a whole lot more than you could ever imagine they have almost unlimited color options with the option to preview it beforehand. Basic Invite has over 180 different color options to choose from so you can make sure your card is exactly how you want it. 

This color option is what sets them apart from any other businesses. They also have custom samples which I have personally tried out myself. What is great about this is you can try to make a card and order one as a sample just to see how it looks before you buy them in bulk. This is something that I really like. Have you ever ordered cards and they just never turned out the way you wanted?? You can also check out the paper quality before your final order.

They also have over 40 different colored envelopes have you ever went to the store to get a card for an occasion and you wanted to match the envelope with a card and not just use a basic white envelope?? I know I am always doing this every time I go to pick out a card I want to have a colored envelope to match and the problem is you can never find the right size for your card. But now from Basic Invite they have over 40 different colored envelopes that you can choose from. All of these envelopes are peel and seal so no licking the envelope which I hate. Just peel and seal them.

They also offer a free address collection you can use their free address collection service to request your addresses with just three simple steps all you do is share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing.

I am loving the high school graduation cards that they have available they are really nice and have beautiful colors and are really customized. These graduation cards are very colorful and you can even add a glitter type look to them. I love glitter what girl doesn't?? Also, you can have them customized on the back to say what class you're graduating from, what school, and anything else you want to let others know. You can have the pictures on the front, horizontal, or vertical. You can also have the wording on the front and the back or just the back it's your choice.

They also have picture graduation invites which is really awesome and there as low as 82 cents you can get them in color or black-and-white. Or you can just have wording on your announcement. You can also have more than one picture on one card. Say you have a graduation shoot and you like more than one picture why not do some sort of collage on your invite I think that would be really cute.

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