Full "Fuller House" on Netflix What do I think my Review

This is my opinion on Fuller House on Netflix. All opinions are my own!!

So yes it happened I have finished the season to Fuller House in just a few days. This is my all time favorite show growing up. And a lot of others too. I was so excited but sad because I finished it so quick but happy because they are having a second season. I hope they continue to make more seasons even after the second one. It would be a shame to go away. Let's just say 

What's to come for season 2?? I guess we will see I am super excited and I am so glad Netflix picked up on this. If you don't have a Netflix account check it out it is very affordable!! 


  1. I LOVE Fuller House too!!! It was awesome and i can't wait for season 2. I watched all 13 episodes in 2 nights. Obsessed!

  2. I have had yet to watch it but I can't wait to! Funny that you finished it so quick! I bet it's awesome!