Acorn Influence: Sponsored Post Mission1 Bars

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I am constantly on the run and missing the nutrients that I need so what is really neat if your like me on the go and watching what you eat and need a snack in between meals you want to check these bars out.
As part of this Campaign I had to go to Walmart and pick out some flavors for the Mission1 Bars and I tell you what they have some amazing choices!! It was so easy to find these they were located near the pharmacy but right were all the protein bars and shakes are they had a good amount in stock too.

And of course with me I find myself snacking on sweets way to much but if you know me you know I love my sweets. That is why these are perfect just take out a bar cut it into 5 equal pieces I pushed them down with a fork a little and baked at 350 for 6 minutes. And then there you have a yummy treat that is good for you. I used my cookie mat.

They were so easy to find you can't miss them. Right next to all the other protein bars and to me these are actually better then other protein bars.
When I am out on the go these are always nice for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. They are so tasty and keep your hunger at bay. If you are looking for something quick then definitely check these out they are amazing!!

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