Preschool Kids Academy IOS App Review

I love this app for learning. My daughter is right at the age where she is learning all this stuff for school. But I feel she knows most of this stuff and I think this benefits my son so much better. So I have been working with him on this app and we love it. He is now learning to trace letters and numbers and this is something my daughter has learned just recently when she started vpk and was 4 my son is now 2 and I love how I can work with him and he will really know this when starting vpk.

This is when we just started working on it and he loved it. It was definitely something new for him but he did enjoy!!

I love how it has a arrow on where you start and a dot where you finish it is very easy for the kid's to remember.

This app also helps you with pictures and helps your child identify what picture goes with which letter. I have been working with my son on this even before this app. Keep in mind this is the free version but they do have a paid version that comes with workbooks, plus all future updates and new activities. Over 200 interactive worksheets in 8 workbooks at 50% discount.

The full version of this app is $2.99. This app was created to make fun more educational. The app goes beyond simply great graphics and beautiful music by engaging children to learn preschool basics through intriguing game play. Toddlers will start with easy tracing by collecting fireflies in a jar and will move gradually to tracing requiring more developed fine-motor skills.

We love this app and I am really considering downloading the full version of this and working on it with my son this summer. This app gets 5 stars in my book. It is rated in the itunes store a 4 1/2 stars.

Disclaimer: I was sent products for free to review for my honest opinion, from either a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions.  

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