Happy Dog Box Review

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All I can say is great things about the Happy Dog Box. What is the happy dog box you ask?? Well it is a monthly box of dog items from treats, toys, bones, and so much more for your dog. When we first got this my dog Tyson was already checking the box out by going crazy sniffing it and licking the box. Funny huh but I am serious The box comes with anywhere from 5ish to 7 items that your dog is sure to love and you wanna know the best part?? They are all natural products. What is better then that. I'll go ahead and get started and let you know what was in our box and what he really enjoyed. Happy Dog box retails for as low as $21 a month.

The first item we got was the Monster Ball he wasn't to sure about this and he did play with it for a little bit this ball retails for $5 it was great but just not for him. I gave this to my sister for her dog and she loved it I'll insert a photo of her dog.
My Dog
Her Dog

She said her dog loves it but she tries and tries to get the bone out but can't and will sit and play with it for hours.

The next item we got was the salmon sticks he devoured these he loved them a lot and I do have to say this was a real treat for him and plan on buying him more of these. 

Another great item was the all natural peanut butter treats from barley labs. He loved these treats but he loves anything peanut butter flavor. These came in a bag with a good amount of treats we love them. 

As you can see he is a big fan of these treats.

The next item we got in our box was the Lickety Stick Tyson loved this a lot he lovedt this so much he starting biting the bottle. The flavor he got was the liver flavor yuck. But he sure loved it. Retails for around $6.

The Lickety Stik lickable pet treat from PetSafe gives your dogs all the excitement and flavor of a moist treat without the sticky mess. A tidy rollerball dispenses all-natural liquid goodness --dogs just lap it up! Now there’s a way to treat your dog with a highly enjoyable all-natural liquid treat. With Lickety Stik your dog gets all of the flavor and none of the bulk of other biscuits and treats that can fill ‘em up 

The last items we received were the bark worthies treats he really loved these also. They were pretty big so they lasted awhile

The kind he tried was the lamb ribs that encourages healthy chewing.

He loved these treats they are really good and plan to buy more.

Happy Dog Box is committed to the happiness of dogs everywhere. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits to shelters and rescue foundations. 
It can be a hard life for these pups, so we do our best to provide healthy treats and fun toys to brighten their days. We might not be able to save every dog out there, but we want to do our part - four paws at a time.

Disclaimer: I was sent products for free to review for my honest opinion, from either a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions. 

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