Holiday Gift Guide Warm Traditions Hot Water Bottle Review

Now that it's the time of year where the weather is changing and it's getting a little cooler. What is a great way to keep you nice and warm?? Have you heard of Warm Traditions they make hot water bottles to sooth and comfort on them cold nights it also helps relax you and relieve stress when you have had a hard day. The warm tradition bottle I was able is Snowman Fleece Hot Water Bottle this bottle retails for $19.95. And because it's winter time I just think this is so cute!!!

About this product:

Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles have so many benefits and uses - soothing aches & pains, easing sore back pain, melting away muscular tension, stress relief, menstrual pain comfort, bed warmer, keeping hands and feet warm, diminishing arthritis pain, soothing children, creating a restful night sleep, television companion, book buddy, easing ear aches, dog and cat's warm friend, keeping warm during winter sports, traveling companion, baby colic soother, pregnancy and labor pain relief...the benefits are endless! All you need is access to hot water - no electricity, no microwave - all natural relief! Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles are made in Germany under strict European safety guidelines. Each hot water bottle is made of eco-friendly thermoplastic making it odorless, safe and fully recyclable. Each bottle is BPA free and Phtalate free- safe to use and worry free. Thermoplastic is designed to allow the heat to last for hours - an average of 6 hours, in fact. The bottles are integrally molded making them seamless, preventing leaks and cracks to occur. The mouth of the hot water bottle is extra large which allows for easy filling and prevention of spills. Warm Tradition's 'Easy Grip' cap makes it simple to open and close the bottle securely with very little effort. Each hot water bottle measures 7 inches wide x 12 inches high and has a volume of 2 liters. The hot water bottle's fun snowman print fleece cover fits snuggly around the bottle to help the heat last longer. The covers are a great way of protecting your skin while using the hot water bottle. Warm Tradition hot water bottle covers are made by using the best fleece materials and are proudly crafted in the USA. The cover is easily removable and machine washable (cold wash recommended). All of Warm Tradition's hot water bottles come with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Soft and cuddly fleece cover
Thermoplastic Hot Water Bottle - extra long lasting heat!
Safe, odorless and recyclable
Jointless neck preventing leakages

Bottles made in Germany. Cover made in the USA.

I love my hot water bottle and even though i live in Florida it still gets cold here too and I get cold easy!!

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  1. Very neat! These make a hot water bottle somehow seem classy!