Holiday Gift Guide Shirley J Mugging (Cake in a Mug) Mix line Review

Shirley J has some great items they are all cooking related and I love their line of items have you ever heard of cooking in a mug well some of their items you can, they also have something called whisk bliss and that you can make your own homemade alfrado sauce its so good or other recipes from it also. They also have chicken bouillon powder you can make in water as a broth or many other things. I love the whisk bliss and the mugging line of items. They range from pancakes, pumpkin spice bread, chocolate brownie cake, cobbler, and a quiche in a cup that involves cheese one of my favorites to eat and these are all so easy to make.

The sauce cooking

This was easy to make and not that many ingredients at all just water the powder and some parmesan  cheese.

This is how the noodles turned out don't they look good this was so yummy. Even my husband said it was really yummy and he's really picky about stuff.

This was so good!!

Here is the baking in the mug this is my favorite of the bunch well i love all the items but I just really love sweets!!

I choose the chocolate brownie cake and what a great choice that was this was so yummy all you do is put the mix in the cup add 5 table spoons of water and mix add some chocolate chips and warm for about 90 seconds and you have you a yummy chocolate cake in a mug!!

This is so easy even your little ones can make it. Of course with adult supervision.

Here it is all mixed up before cooking it. 

This was so good I shared it with my son next time I am going to try white chocolate chips. The next item I tried was the pancake. This was so yummy also I love their line of food products.

I added some syrup and butter. And this was amazing and again so simple to make.

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  1. I've tried the Shirley J brownie, and it is highly addictive. Quick to make and crazy good...