The Snugg iPhone 4 and 4S Anti Radiation Premium Case Review

I was really excited to have the opportunity to review The Snugg Anti Radiation Premium Case  I have to say I am in love with this case it's like a rubbery material on the sides and outer edge and then the back of the case is this hard plastic but it's not like your any old hard plastic case this material is really sturdy and very strong and on top of that it reduces the amount of radiation you receive. I have to say this is one of my favorite cases I have received yet. I feel this case will protect this phone from a lot.     

I actually changed phone cases for awhile and ended up putting my phone back in this case. That's how much I love it.

Black iPhone 4/4S Anti Radiation Case.
-   Reduces Cell Phone Radiation (SAR) by 92% and Hot Spot Radiation (EFI) by 90%!
-   Ultra Thin, Lightweight, Sleek Design.
-   Durable and Impact Resistant. 

About the Company:

Snugg iPhone 4/4S Anti Radiation Premium Case. This High Tech case Reduces Cell Phone Radiation (SAR) by 92% and Hot Spot Radiation (EFI) by 90%! Ultra Thin, Lightweight, Sleek Design, while also Durable and Impact Resistant. Cell phones emit powerful radiation in order to send and receive signals within a wireless network. The hazard is that it can radiate its energy into our head. Adopting the proven science and new manufacturing techniques this case diverts the radiation away from your head, without compromising the phone's performance. This case is proven in SAR and OTC tests, by FCC and CE certified laboratories, to effectively reduce amount of cell phone radiation without compromising the performance of the cell phone. It reduces the hot spot radiation (Electric Field Intensity, EFI) by over 90% and cuts the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate, a mobile industry standard unit of measurement) by 92%, without compromising the phone's performance (TRP, Total Radiated Power and TIS, Total Incoming Signals).

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