Picture Keeper Review

Based in Atlanta, Ga with offices in Colardo, Simplified I.T products LLC is a pioneer in developing  simple affordable solutions for the mass market. Picture Keeper is the World's first all in one usb device with embedded software to protect pictures and other irreplaceable files. Picture keeper is currently is currently available in 4000 US retail locations including Walgreens, Archiver's, Hobby Lobby, Radio Shack,  and many independent Photo retailers and scrap booking stores. They are also available in the Uk Canada, Guatemala, New Zealand and Australia.    
This is the picture keeper that is the 4pk and it holds up to 4000 pictures this 4pk retails for $29.99. The 4pk stands for 4000 photo's they also come in 8pk, 16pk, and a Pro Pk that holds up to 250,000 pictures.

I love this item and love taking pictures and video's and if you are a person like that you will love this product their is so much room and then you don't have to clutter your laptop or your desktop computer with pictures and believe me right now I had over 3,000 picture on my computer so this is awesome. I highly recommend this for anyone who takes pictures.

This product was given to me for review purposes. In exchange for my honest opinion on this product. I was not paid for this review.

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