Meridane Designs Review/Giveaway

Meridane Design is a family owned business. This symbol was created when Sally Short discovered when doodling when she discovered superimposed each letter of the phrase Love is all you need on Top of one another and then a peace sign to complete the design . The design was then sent off to be cast in Sterling Silver as a love and peace pendent for Sally to wear. But to there surprise one day they discovered when it was sitting on it's side there was a K and there is no K in the phrase Love is all you need. That motivated the family to look for more letters and they ended up uncovering every single letter in the alphabet and every number within the symboles. The company was created when Sally combined her 2 kids names together Merida and Dane. The short family established a mission statement to spread love and empowerment through the hidden meaning of the symbol. I love this idea and it is something so special. What would my symbol be well I lost my mom when I was 2 months pregnant with my oldest child my symbol means Don't take people for granted love them while there here and let them know how much you appreciate them. Please go check out there site and look at the different sizes and there other information link is here
Now for the Giveaway if you would love this beautiful necklace fore yourself look below.
1. Must be a gfc follower and not just following by email
2. Must be 18 years of age of get parents permission
3. Must like them on Facebook and Thank them for Sponsoring JennandJasonM Giveaway. I will check there page.
4. Comment below telling me what your symbol would mean to you and if you win which one would you pick the Large or Small Pewter Pendent.
5. Second Entry on my Youtube channel make sure you leave your blogger name.
Giveaway Ends Oct 22nd USA & CANDA ONLY


  1. Enter me please :)

    My yt name is LittleMrsMommg

  2. I followed the rules. My necklace would mean the name of the daughter we lost. She was the twin to our own year old. It would mean so much to me to wear this everyday.

  3. Eneter me please!
    FB name is Tina Deanette Gower
    YT name is TinaDeanette

    The necklace would represent my kids and I would choose the large.

  4. I am a GCF. I like and thank them for your giveaway on facebook/Yolanda Robinson. My symbol would be my name and my husband name. Because we are one.

  5. I'm a gfc follower, 18 years of age, I liked them on Facebook and thanked them for sponsoring your giveaway, the symbol would represent my first child that I'm pregnant with and if I win, I would choose the large pewter pendent.

    jthames at kidsstuff dot com

  6. I GFC followed by the name brainfarts15. My message would be the original "love is all you need" it covers all the bases for me :) my fb name is beckah rivera my youtube name is love2love49 & I'd like the large pendant :) thanks for the giveaway